Come and meet our Kefalonia!

Kefalonia is located in the Ionian Sea and it is the biggest island of the Eptanese (the “Seven Ionian Islands”)!

It combines in a unique manner the endless green of the mountain, with the vast blue of the sea!

An island with wonderful mountains, Ainos prevailing among them, in combination with an infinite coastline, amazing bays and laced beaches!

Stroll along the streets of Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia, entertain yourselves in cosmopolitan Fiscardo, fall in love in the romantic sunsets of Erissos. Be enchanted by the most photographed view of the unique Myrtos beach, swim in the heavenly waters of Antisamos and, who knows, you may even run into Captain Corelli with his melodic mandolin. Take a boat ride in the magical Melissani lake cave, visit the monastery of Saint Gerasimos, the Patron Saint of our island, where His Relic is kept, and receive His Blessing!

Come to eat our most delicious meat pie and famous feta cheese, to drink our aromatic Robola wine and listen to the traditional Kefalonian serenades, because, if you have never heard the singing of a Kefalonian, you have heard nothing yet!

And if the singing isn’t enough and we are still in high spirits, then we shall dance the Kefalonian Balo, all together, till the crack of dawn!

Until a smile runs through you and becomes indelible!

We’ll be waiting for you!