Dear guests,

I welcome you to Kefalonia, to the Hotel La Signora and wish you an unforgettable stay!

Above all, I wish that you always have good health, the most precious and also fragile gift, as this has been no doubt ‘confirmed’ in the most forceful way.

I have been working  in the field of tourism  for only the last few years, however I soon recognized   the real reason that pushed me to it,  I soon realized  what is the one thing you need to make it.

It is my love for the people who come to my island!

The joy of welcoming them, caring for them, feeding them, the joy of ‘May we meet again soon’!

The hospitality!

Philoxenia, in Greek!

I am Greek and philoxenia is something I feel deeply, something I know very well, it’s in my Greek making!

You only need to open your heart to people who honor you by their visit and their trust in you, to make them feel one of your own people, to feel a part of your land and not just tourists, foreigners.

To respect their need and time for a vacation!

You must make their trip nestle inside their heart and mind forever, with stories, sounds, images, feelings, faces, life!

I believe these are the things that really make the difference and that in fact, they should be offered generously, especially because they don’t cost us anything!

A nice word, a big smile, a warm hug (when hugs are safe again…), really don’t cost us anything and yet, they are priceless!

At the Hotel La Signora, we honor philoxenia, we honor you!

Do us the honor to know you in person!


With respect,

Venetia Parissi