The international, Greek word for hospitality!
A holy institution, a moral debt and an act of virtue for the Greeks!
A fundamental principle upon which the operation of the Hotel La Signora relies on!

We welcome you to
Hotel La Signora!

We are located in the picturesque village of Lourdata, on a lush hill that stands at the bottom of the mythic mount Aenos, overlooking the big blue of the Ionian Sea. Only a 5-minute walk, and you will find yourself in its embrace.

The hotel first operated in May 1990, under the name Lara Hotel.

Under new ownership these last four years, the hotel was fully renovated and upgraded and was given the new name, ‘Hotel La Signora’.

The renovation and upgrade is present not only in the facilities and equipment, but also in our perception of services as well as in our philosophy on hospitality.

Our search and implementations for the dynamic optimization of Hotel La Signora at all levels, is our main and continuous concern, every new operating season.

The colonial architectural style of the building with contemporary touches continues throughout the interior, with no compromises and to the very last detail.

Hotel La Signora, is classified as a boutique hotel.

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Make yourself at home!

“Make yourself at home” is the principle that best describes our philosophy on hospitality, and what we stand for.

We have worked very hard on this!

Our rooms, whatever their type, cover all kinds of accommodation needs and, whether overlooking the majestic sea, or the emblematic mountain, or the silver-green olive grove and the village alley, they have all been taken care of to the finest detail, offering all necessary amenities.

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Whatever you wish!

By all means ‘whatever you wish’, because, to the extent that’s possible, we like to offer you all that you are used to have in your everyday life and that you would otherwise miss during your vacations!

Start your day with a hearty breakfast, and later on enjoy delicious meals from our carefully designed menu, in our indoor and outdoor dining areas!

If you wish, uplift and revitalize yourself by choosing one of our selected fitness programs and beauty care services.

Our cool lounge area is a place you’ll find quite inviting for a chat, board games or just a short rest.

On our large veranda overlooking both the sea and the mountain, full of light coming from the sun, or the moon and the stars, our bar is ready to serve you heavenly cocktails you can enjoy, either while swimming in our alluring pool under the unique Greek sky, or flirting with the dusk of yet another beautiful day, or having fun in the exceptional nights we plan, especially for you.

So that you come back again!

Above all, what we wish to do for you during your stay is make you feel that “you are one of us”, to give you the chance to live moments and experience the culture of our island, to invite you in, ‘‘to open the door of our home to you” as we Greeks say!

Because this is the greatest and, after all, the most important thing we do have!

Our desire to host you, take care of you, make you happy!

Our big smile that we wish to share with you!

Our big heart, for you to take a piece of when you go, as a guarantee that your stay with us shall be unforgettable!

Unforgettable enough, to make you come back again!

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